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I’ve recently launched my online shop and have started a new blog alongside it. As a result, I won’t be posting here anymore.

I would love to hear from you all through the following links below and would like to thank you all for your continued support over the past few years. 

You’ll be able to find me in the following places.

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Thank you! 

We recently adopted two bunny rabbits from Bath Cats and Dogs Home which we named Bertie and Bluebell. They are hard work at times like any animal but have such wonderful personalities. It’s nice knowing that we’ve been able to give them a loving home and they are certainly entertaining sometimes. It’s very interesting getting to know their personalities.

Bertie, the white bunny dislikes any type of handling and gets very stressed when you try to cuddle him. He will however, let you stroke him for hours on end and will lay down beside you if he’s relaxed enough. Bluebell, the brown rabbit is like a living teddy bear. She loves cuddles but becomes slightly nervous when being taken out of her hutch. She is happy to be cradled like a baby as you can see in the photograph but never sits still long enough to be stroked. Hopefully they will give us love for plenty more years to come and will be best friends before we know it. 

I am very lucky to work term time only in my current job and have just enjoyed my first week off work out of many to follow. I took it slow this week and spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I enjoyed crocheting with Andrew’s Mum whilst she visited and gave our and four legged friends lots of love and attention….also known as Bertie and Bluebell. It’s been very nice having the time to think about creative things and work with my hands through gardening, baking and crafts. I enjoy my job, the surroundings and the people I work with but become depressed if I don’t engage myself in any creative activity. It’s been really nice having free days dedicated just to this and I intend to continue to make the most of it before the new term begins.

I’m currently working hard on items for my online shop. Most of my items are crochet based, which is an amazing but slow process. I would love to sell at least one piece before starting back at work so keep your fingers crossed for me and your eyes peeled. 

The finally found some motivation this week to tackle my craft room. Its a lovely space, though hasn’t felt very inspiring over the past few months. It’s really important to have an inspiring workspace, in my case it motivates me to produce work and makes me happy. 

I have a large break from work coming up before the next academic year begins, so I plan to spend plenty of time crafting and stocking my online shop which has now been open and empty for the last 3 years. Keep your eyes peeled and I do hope you are enjoying this lovely sunshine.

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